You have the power to live out every dream. Your life is in your hands. THE LITTY BOARD lets you create a vision board and map out the steps you'll take to get there.

1. Customize Your Section Labels

THE LITTY BOARD has 13 section labels that you can customize. When you purchase, you choose the areas you will focus on - so be specific! Example areas might be: fitness, schoolwork, social media posts, podcast episodes, etc.

You can also get replacement labels (click here).

(BEST PRACTICE): We suggest you title the bottom 5 section labels as 'Monday through Friday' - keep reading to find out why.

2. Use Sticky Notes to Write Out Tasks

Write one (or two) things you need to do (or research) on each sticky note and put it under the section it fits best with.

(THE LITTY BOARD comes with two 88-count sticky note pads).

3. Move Tasks to The Day of the Week

After you plot out your section categories and create tasks, it's time to get things done.

By labeling sections 9-13 as days of the week, you can make sure you are making progress each day towards your goals.

4. Remove Sticky Notes When Task is Done

You can trash them or let them pile up to see how much you have accomplished.

5. Repeat Steps 2-4

THE LITTY BOARD helps you to plan out your dreams. But YOU make them happen. Use everything you learn along the way to fine-tune your hustle.

NO EXCUSES: Dream it, Plan It, Do It. PERIOD.