The Official LITTY BOARD Theme Song 😎

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THE LITTY BOARD is inspired by hip-hop culture, so it's only right that we provide you with mood music for all your Dreaming, Planning and Doing sessions.

When I said I was working on music when I created THE LITTY BOARD, there was no cap involved. Hence our new theme song, "On My LITTY BOARD." It's an ode to dreamers fighting through tough situations. Sometimes it seems like the more you strive for better, the worse things get. At least that was my story at one point 😔...

"Success on my mind, stress in my life, tears in my eyes. See I gotta get it in but, don't know where to begin," my cousin Jenna Bryant sings on verse three. When I first heard those lyrics I wondered, "How did she capture my life story in two bars like that?!" It's not just my story, though. It's lots of people's story. But here's the good part: we get to write our own ending.

Dream it - I'm gon put that on my LITTY BOARD
Plan it - I'm gon do that on my LITTY BOARD
Then gon and do it
I got to, it's on my LITTY BOARD

When you want to envision your future with pictures, you put them on your LITTY BOARD. When you get ideas and have things you know you need to do, you put them on your LITTY BOARD. And when you're ready to get down to business and do the things you planned, just look at the schedule on your LITTY BOARD. Period!

I told you our slogan was a lifestyle. And that's on a big dot 😜