Why You Should Write Down Your Goals and Plans


If you have¬†a dream for your future, you probably already have a vision board (if you don't you should! ūüėé). It's proven to be a powerful manifestation tool. But it's not enough to just visualize success. You have to plan and two-step¬†your way¬†towards¬†the vision daily or you'll never get to touch it.

Don't sleep on the power of writing things down¬†‚úćūüŹĺ.. I mean actually¬†writing things down¬†with a pen, pencil or marker. You put yourself ahead of the game just by exercising the "flicka da wrist". You bring abstract thoughts into reality by etching them onto a physical surface.

I was listening to the Mike Styles Experience podcast and he gives six reasons why writing things down can make a big difference in your results:

1. Your memory is unreliable

There are a lot of basic things we forget every day. That grocery list. Calling someone back. We're overloaded with information from everywhere all day long. Writing things down helps us to prioritize and lock in on our goals.

2. Ideas don't last long

Inspired ideas get lost all they time. The come at the most random moments (the shower, anyone?) and MUST be captured in the moment. Write them down as soon as you get them so you can develop them more later.

3. It serves a reminder

Our goals get pushed to the side for everyday life all the time. If we don't have a reminder of our intentions, they'll never get a spot on our calendar. Writing down your goals and the steps to get there is key. Putting this in a place where you'll see it every day gives you bonus points.

4. Your thinking will be clearer

Sometimes you just need to get ideas out of your head and down onto paper. This frees up space in your mind. Writing things down gives you a clear view on what needs to be done.

5. It motivates you

New ideas make you excited. The adrenaline rush of what could be gives you good feelings. But it's only your follow-through that matters in the end. Writing down a goal and seeing what you wrote later can push you toward talking action to complete it.

6. It helps you process emotions

Your emotions can be a major issue at times. You can't let temporary emotions keep you from your accomplishing long-term vision. Writing down how you're feeling in a journal can help you process through emotions that may be limiting your progress.

steph curry

You have to think of yourself as an athlete and life as the sport. You know how superstar athletes constantly perfect the smallest part of their game? That's what you should do in pursuing the LIT life you want. Writing down your goals and plans is a game changer. Ignoring this piece of advice is like leaving money on the table.

One of the special things about THE LITTY BOARD is that it is a vision board that comes with space to write things down. Writing down your goals, tasks and ideas is actually a major part of how it works. We recommend you use a vision board along with writing things down.